Art is an important part of the education of children and plays a part in all of our lives. No education can be complete unless it takes into account the creative and imaginative side of human beings and their urge to bring beauty and meaning into their surroundings. Through art experiences, children develop taste and judgment, strengthen their manual skills and gain an awareness of and openness to the ways and ideas of others.

Through their work in our elementary school art program, our children can strengthen their individuality and gain confidence in themselves. Their inborn ability to create will be developed and guided as they move through the sequence of art activities planned for them. These activities cover a wide variety of 2D and 3D techniques and materials, styles, artists, human history and cultures. The creative process and the development of decision-making skills are part of every lesson.

Meet our Art Teacher!

Kimberly Krivensky, Art Teacher

Kimberly Saginario, Art Teacher