3rd Grade


The third grade Math program teaches the students through the scientific method so that they become critical thinkers and problem solvers.  They are also encouraged in their basic computation skills.  Although the emphasis in fact practice is on multiplication, the students review addition and subtraction facts and are introduced to basic division.


The three units of study in the science program are “Life Science”, “Force and Motion”, and “Properties of Rocks and Minerals.”  The students use the scientific method to make inquiries, conduct experiments, and make observations. 

Language Arts

The Language Arts curriculum is designed to allow students more time to practice authentic reading, writing, speaking, listening and viewing tasks, to offer more choice in text selection, to organize the curriculum around units of study (genre/author/thematic studies) and to provide instruction through a workshop framework. The content of each unit serves as the vehicle for teaching students the essential skills, knowledge and understandings of English-language arts.

Social Studies

The third grade social studies curriculum encompasses three major units of study. The first unit is Types of Communities. They will investigate the differences and similarities in a variety of communities. Students will learn about their community and how they are an important part of making it successful. In the next unit, students will explore Agricultural Communities. Students will understand what agriculture and agricultural communities are and the importance of agriculture in their daily life. Students will compare agricultural communities to other communities that they have already studied. Students will also explore how agriculture has changed over time. The final unit explores Culture in and Around Urban Communities. This unit will look more closely at urban environments, cultural unity and diversity, transportation, infrastructure, and government. Students will read about and observe cities in action as they look at how urban areas are organized by city planners.

Meet the teachers!

Alyssa Caffrey, 3rd Grade Teacher

Michelle Haddad, 3rd Grade Teacher

Katrina Pokrywka, 3rd Grade Teacher

Cindy Rosa, 3rd Grade Teacher